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Welcome to our company website. We specialize in supplying grill accessories, grilling techniques and advice.

We are a family owned business that sells online either direct from our site or through Amazon. We offer great service and grilling accessories at affordable prices. All our products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and most important full customer support.

Top 10 Grilling Tips

How to Grill a Steak

Basic grilling accessories, tips, and tools that will need

to grill like an expert at your next BBQ

Spatula — You can get all kinds of spatulas, from ones with cutting blades on them to the nice plain ones that allow you to easily turn delicate foods such as fish without damaging them. Make sure it’s stainless steel, with a long handle, be careful and don’t leave it on the fire so that it gets hot and burns you.

Tongs — Are used for turning most foods without squashing or piercing the flesh. Once again stainless steel, with a long handle that’s easy to grip.

Instant-read meat thermometer — Will allow you to check the internal temperature of meats that you are cooking. It’s very important to cook meats to the right temperatures to avoid food poisoning, having a meat thermometer while grilling is the best way to ensure the food is juicy and not over cooked.

Grill Brush — Don’t forget to get a grill brush that will allow you to easily clean off the grill between groups of meat to avoid any burnt and charred remnants from getting on your food. A heavy duty brush works wonders on a hot grill before you start cooking.

Basting Brush — A silicon basting brush is perfect for applying liquid to your meats and veggies. One with a long handle will help you reach all your meat and veggies without burning yourself.

Spray Bottle — Use with a great marinade and not water. Some experts say to spray to douse flare-ups but this is a dangerous practice since spraying small amounts of water can cause more problems than it cures. The best way to stop a flair is to get your meat off first to avoid burning then put the lid on and starve it of oxygen.

Gloves — No real outdoor cook goes anywhere without their gloves. By using gloves you’ll avoid burns, splatters and more on your hands and arms. You’ll be able to touch hot utensils, pots, and even skewers to flip them without fear.

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